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1 新时代中国社会主要矛盾 principal conflict facing Chinese society in the new era
2 人民日益增长的美好生活需要和不平衡不充分的发展之间的矛盾 the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life
3 在发展中保障和改善民生 Ensuring and improving living standards through development.
4 让人民群众有更多获得感 Enabling the people to have a greater sense of fulfillment.
5 科教兴国战略 the Strategy for Invigorating China through Science and Education
6 人才强国战略 the Strategy on Developing a Quality Workforce
7 就业是最大的民生 Employment is pivotal to people’s wellbeing.
8 全面建成多层次社会保障体系 comprehensively building a multi-tiered social security system
9 共有产权住房 shared ownership housing
10 共同富裕 common prosperity
11 人的全面发展 well-rounded human development
12 先富帮后富 Those who get rich first help and drive others to get rich later.
13 消除贫困是社会主义本质要求 The eradication of poverty is an essential requirement of socialism.
14 脱贫攻坚是以人民为中心发展思想的重要体现 Poverty alleviation is an important embodiment of the people-centered philosophy of development.
15 绝对贫困 absolute poverty
16 相对贫困 relative poverty
17 贫困代际传递 intergenerational transmission of poverty
18 贫困发生率 poverty ratio
19 脱贫攻坚战 the fight against poverty
20 坚决打赢脱贫攻坚战 Resolutely win the battle against poverty.
21 打赢脱贫攻坚战三年行动 the three-year action plan of winning the battle against poverty
22 区域性整体贫困 overall regional poverty
23 解决区域性整体贫困 eliminating overall regional poverty
24 以脱贫攻坚统揽经济社会发展全局 taking overall planning of economic and social development by eradicating poverty
25 现行标准下农村贫困人口实现脱贫 enabling all the rural population living below the current poverty line shake off poverty
26 两不愁三保障 two assurances and three guarantees
27 整体消除绝对贫困现象 eradicating absolute poverty
28 悬崖效应 the cliff effect
29 坚持党对脱贫攻坚的领导 upholding the leadership of the Party in poverty alleviation
30 五级书记 Party secretaries at five levels (the CPC Central committee, provincial committee, municipal committee, county-level committee, and village committee)
31 强化党政一把手负总责(脱贫) strengthening the responsibility of the principal leader of the Party and government (in poverty alleviation)
32 中央扶贫开发工作会议 Conference of the CPC Central Committee on Poverty Alleviation and Development
33 党建促扶贫 boosting poverty alleviation through Party building
34 最后一公里(脱贫) the “last-mile” (in poverty alleviation)
35 贫困地区 impoverished areas
36 深度贫困地区 severely impoverished areas
37 三区三州 “Three Regions and Three Prefectures” (Three Regions refers to the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Tibetan areas of Qinghai, Sichuan, Gansu, and Yunnan provinces, as well as Hetian, Aksu, Kashi, Kizilsu Kyrgyz in the south of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Three Prefectures refers to Liangshan prefecture in Sichuan, Nujiang prefecture in Yunnan and Linxia prefecture in Gansu.)
38 直过民族 the directly-entering-socialism ethnic groups
39 贫困县 poor counties
40 贫困户 poor households
41 贫困村 poor villages
42 整村推进(脱贫) whole-village pushing forward (in poverty alleviation)
43 十八洞村 Shibadong Village
44 补短板 improving weak links
45 问题导向 problem-oriented
46 精准扶贫 targeted poverty alleviation
47 四个问题 the “four key issues” (in poverty alleviation)
48 建档立卡 poverty registration
49 回头看 follow-up checks
50 五个一批 the “Five-pronged Poverty Alleviation Measures” (developing production, relocation, ecological compensation, development of education, securing basic needs through social security)
51 六个精准 the “Six Precisions” in poverty alleviation (precision of target, measures to the household, use of funds, stationing of first village secretary, and effect of poverty alleviation)
52 七个强化 the “Seven Strengthening” (strengthening theoretical competence, the sense of mission, responsibility, work in poverty alleviation, the awareness of development, honesty and self-discipline, and organizational construction)
53 因地制宜 adjusting measures to local conditions
54 因户施策 taking targeted measures for each household
55 综合施策 taking holistic approaches
56 贫困县全部摘帽 Lifting all poor counties out of poverty.
57 摘帽不摘政策 Poverty relief policies will continue after counties being removed from the poverty list.
58 驻村帮扶 Stationing cadres in poor villages to boost poverty alleviation.
59 基本公共服务 basic public services
60 稳定脱贫长效机制 stabilizing the long-term mechanism for poverty alleviation
61 两线合一 unifying the standard of rural poverty alleviation allowance and the standard of rural subsistence allowance
62 整合涉农资金 integrating funds related to agriculture
63 易地搬迁扶贫 poverty alleviation by relocation
64 社会保障兜底 poverty alleviation by securing basic needs through social security
65 医疗保险和医疗救助脱贫 poverty alleviation by providing medical insurance and aid
66 健康扶贫 poverty alleviation by improving health care
67 公益岗位扶贫 poverty alleviation by providing public welfare jobs
68 专项扶贫 poverty alleviation by special programs
69 金融扶贫 financial poverty alleviation
70 城乡用地增减挂钩 linking the increase in land used for urban construction with the decrease in land used for rural construction
71 大扶贫格局 the all-encompassing campaign against poverty / broad participation in poverty alleviation
72 定点扶贫 pairing-off assistance in poverty alleviation
73 社会扶贫 social assistance in poverty alleviation
74 东西部扶贫协作 east-west pairing-off cooperation for poverty alleviation
75 底线任务 bottom-line tasks
76 扶真贫、真扶贫 helping those in need and delivering genuine outcomes
77 提高脱贫质量 enhancing the quality of poverty alleviation
78 干部轮训 cadres’ training in rotation
79 脱贫攻坚责任书 the letter of commitment on poverty alleviation
80 中央统筹、省总负责、市县抓落实 a working mechanism whereby the central leadership makes overall plans, provincial authorities take overall responsibility, and city and county authorities ensure implementation
81 绣花功夫 “being meticulous like doing embroidery”
82 阳光扶贫 transparency in poverty alleviation
83 第三方评估机制 third party evaluation mechanism
84 扶贫领域腐败和作风问题专项治理 special rectification of corruption and misconduct in poverty alleviation
85 最严格的考核评估 the strictest examination and evaluation of poverty alleviation
86 开发式扶贫 development-oriented poverty alleviation
87 内生动力 internal impetus for poverty elimination
88 扶贫同扶志扶智结合 the combination of poverty alleviation and increasing people’s confidence and enriching their knowledge
89 产业扶贫 poverty alleviation by developing industries
90 光伏扶贫 poverty alleviation by developing the photovoltaic industry
91 教育扶贫 poverty alleviation by developing education
92 生态保护扶贫 poverty alleviation by ecological protection
93 联合国千年发展目标 the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations
94 南南合作 South-South cooperation
95 没有贫困的人类命运共同体 a poverty-free community with a shared future for mankind
96 健康中国战略 the Healthy China Initiative
97 共建共治共享的社会治理格局 a social governance model based on collaboration, participation, and common interests
98 智慧社会 smart society
99 平安中国 the Safe China Initiative
100 总体国家安全观 a holistic approach to national security
101 少数民族 ethnic minorities
102 中国人民抗日战争胜利纪念日 the Victory Day of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression

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